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We leverage our SOC 2 expertise to train, educate, and equip IT compliance professionals to become experts in the world of SOC 2!
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Individuals and organizations investing in SOC 2 are investing in their futures. With the right training, mentorship, and resources, you can become an in-demand SOC 2 candidate and secure a well-paying, mission-critical job.

Training Solutions for SOC 2 Leaders

Everything you need to build, develop, and manage your SOC 2 team.

  • SOC 2 Project Management

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Validate your SOC 2 skills

SOC2Guru is dedicated to delivering and validating hands-on SOC 2 skills because we understand everyone in an organization - from non-technical employees to IT security staff, all the way up to the organization’s security leadership team - has a role to play in establishing a critical line of defense in the battle against ever-evolving adversaries.


Our Clients Say

The course taught me everything I need to know. I love it. And recommend it to anyone

Robert Rose, Product Designer