SOC 2. Simplified.

We leverage our SOC 2 expertise to provide a streamlined SOC 2 Solution for Startups and Small Businesses.
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Expert Guidance

No more guesswork! Your SOC 2 Guru will assist you in every step of your SOC 2 compliance journey.

Hands-On Support

Your Guru will assist in writing policies, implementing controls, and will work directly with auditors to help obtain your SOC 2 report.

Peace of Mind

Your Guru ensures the company obtains a clean SOC 2 report and maintains compliance going forward.


Our Process

We make the SOC 2 audit process simple, smooth, and painless.

Kick-Off Call

We start every project with a Kick-Off Call! Your Guru will set-up a video call with you and your team to perform introductions, define milestones, and give you a detailed overview on how you can obtain your SOC 2 report in as soon 90 days.


Pre Assessment

During this phase of the project, Your Guru will outline the company’s current gaps as it relates to meeting the SOC 2 criteria. This process will include meetings with the client around key process areas that relate to SOC 2 compliance.

Control Remediation

During this phase of the project, Your Guru will utilize the Gap Assessment Report to ensure all gaps are remediated prior to the audit. This deliverable will be tracked within the client’s portal and the expected deliverable will be a spreadsheet that displays all noted gaps that have been “closed”.


Internal Audit

Your Guru will do a final review of the full control environment prior to the audit to ensure all controls are still operating and are prepared full the audit. The deliverable will be a confirmation email that is sent by the consultant confirming that the client is prepared for the audit.

External Audit

Your Guru will manage the full external audit to ensure a seamless SOC 2 audit process. This includes conducting meetings with the auditor, responding to their questions, managing documents that are provided to the auditors, and performing a final review of the overall SOC 2 report.


Final Report

With your Guru's guidance, you can expect to have your SOC 2 report in within 90 days from Start to Finish!


Our Partners


Simplified Compliance for Your Entire Team

Plans starting as low as $998/month.

Compliance: Your industry dictates it; your customers mandate it; and the daily news headlines prove you need it. Compliance is no longer just a Security Team problem — it’s an organization-wide problem. ComplianceGiant enables team-wide visibility into compliance coverage and effectiveness.



Compliance is often the biggest hurdle in meeting vendor requirements and answering RFPs. If you can't prove compliance, you can't close your biggest sales deals with your most important prospects. ComplianceGiant helps you sell into large enterprises and provides a differentiator against your competitors. We help you understand the compliance and security requirements of your customers so you can speak confidently about your company’s security practices.

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It’s nearly impossible to create a "single source of truth" for compliance reporting and management, which is why preparing for an audit can be a painful process, to say the least. ComplianceGiant eases that pain by guiding you every step of the way, assigning key compliance tasks to process owners in one streamlined and collaborative platform, saving the time and cost of traditional compliance reporting.



Gaining visibility into the status of your organization’s current compliance status has traditionally been an ad hoc, incredibly manual process that wastes valuable time, risks sales, and adds unnecessary expenses. ComplianceGiant offers a professional, repeatable approach to compliance, delivering automatic and comprehensive reporting on your up-to-the-minute compliance profile so executive leaders can make better, faster decisions

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